Roof Repair Jacksonville, FL

Master Roofing offers roof repair in Jacksonville and all of North East Florida. Whether you are dealing with roof damage, a roof leak, or have need a new roof altogether, our team of roofing professionals can get the job done right.

Shingle Roof Repair

We are known for our ability to take care of any roof leak or roof damage. Whether you are in need of shingle roof repair or a shingle roof replacement, our professional roofers can assist you. Our team will inspect your home and determine what is causing the leak.

Once we know the cause of the leaking roof we will provide a free estimate and explain the best options for getting your roof fixed.

Metal Roof Repair

If you have a metal roof that is leaking or coming apart at the seams, we can take care of the problems. As a professional roofing company with over 20 years’ experience in roof repair in Jacksonville, you can expect our roofers to take care of your metal roof repair the right way the first time.

Metal roofs are highly efficient and long lasting. Rust can become a problem for these types of roofs, which leads to the roof leaking and the roof being damaged. Call Master Roofing today to have us inspect your metal roof for repair job today.

Tile Roof Repair

Those that have a tile roof and are experiencing a roof leak, we can replace the damaged pieces without a problem. Our local Fernandina roofers are highly knowledgeable of tile roof repair and can come out and give you a free estimate usually within 24 Hours.

Even though tile is a very sturdy roofing material, it is still susceptible to leaking. With the storms that we experience in Florida, it can cause roof tiles to break and lead to water damage.

Wood Rot and Roof Damage

When your home is exposed to a leaky roof, it can cause wood rot which leads to more roof damage. The boards that hold up your shingles, metal, or tiles can become so deteriorated that it can fall in causing a large amount of damage.

We are able to determine the amount of roof damage that is present and replace rotted boards. It is best to have a roofing company handle this for you, because it is essential that the repair work be done properly.

We are professional Roof Repair specialists

If you are in need of roof repair in Jacksonville, roof repair in Orange Park or roof repair anywhere in North East Florida. It is our passion to provide you with the shingle, tile, or metal roof repair that you are in need of at competitive prices.

We understand that you cannot go for a long period of time with a roof leak. That is why we will get someone to your home or business quickly. Once we have assessed the roof damage and repair needs, we will provide the best solution.

Contact us today at by phone at 904-993-2256 or by email at to schedule a free estimate for your roof repair.